Human Resources Services

fitzU's Virtual HR Manager services are ideal for small-medium businesses who need help with any aspect of their people management.

From getting - and keeping - the right people on the team, to managing them effectively and helping them do great work and be part of your success.

I focus on providing practical solutions that are the right fit for the business and that get results.

Solving people problems is part of the equation. Avoiding them or improving what already exists is another. It could be that your business is at a point where it needs a little more structure or process to help move it to the next level, or perhaps you just don't have time to do all the people management yourself any more. I won't try to fix what's not broken but I will help to make people management easier.

What I do

I act as your 'Virtual HR Manager' - on call when you need me, for as little or as long as you need me.

Together we will solve your people problems and help improve your business results by using a high quality, practical approach to:
I can help you...
  • Choose the best recruitment methods
  • Write good job advertisements
  • Conduct great interviews
Training and Development
I can help you...
  • Make sure your new employees get up to speed as quickly as possible
  • Identify the best training options for your team
Job Descriptions
I can help you...
  • Write new job descriptions
  • Review and update existing job descriptions
  • Make your job descriptions user friendly
Performance Management
I can help you...
  • Manage the difficult situations
  • Develop an appraisal process that people will want to take part in
  • Use performance appraisal positively - and reduce the need for difficult performance management
I can help you...
  • Review and write policies
  • Make sure your policies fit your business
  • Develop an employee handbook
Staff Surveys
I can help you...
  • Implement culture surveys
  • Use the results of your staff surveys to build a great workplace
Nicola helping a client with Human Resource services